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Network Marketing Success -The 3 Step Foolproof, Easy Way

Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success can be relatively as easy as following these three steps. Robert Kiyosaki stated that, “Network Marketing is the business of the 21st Century.” It is an ideal way to make money and this industry has proven to be a business model that can succeed in any economic situation.

The foolproof and easy way achieve network marketing success, involves copying your way to success, because success leaves clues. As Tony Robbins said, “Modeling is the pathway to excellence.”

Here are 3 easy and straight forward Network Marketing Success Tips:

Find Proven Systems – The Company and Documented Network Marketing Success Stories:

This means picking the right company for the right reasons, then identifying the top earners and researching or learning about their strategies.
Network Marketing Success
With so many options of MLM opportunities out there, you’ll be pitched left and right by family and friends to join theirs, be swayed by emotional reasons, superstar endorsements, extremely low entry fees, promise of easy money or as a favor to someone else. These are all the wrong reasons. Select a company with a product that YOU can relate to and not one you’ll be embarrassed about.

Research the company’s compensation plan and make sure that you are well paid for recruiting new people and partners, because the truth is that network marketers do spend money and time on marketing and advertising to grow their team.

Sadly, the MLM companies only teach you sales tactics directed at your “list” of family, friends and colleagues who have NO interest in your business opportunity.
So what next? You’ve got to learn MARKETING.
Find an exceptional and respected internet marketing and lead generation training system and learn from the Pros and Top producers how to succeed.It’s really that straightforward.

network marketing success

Duplicate, Be Consistent and Think like a Detective:

Great success often breeds great teachers. These heavy hitters and top earners have websites, bestselling books and write blogs on their best and most successful strategies. They also host webinars and power calls with or independent of their network marketing companies. Get plugged in, if they are accessible ask questions about mindset, steps taken to get results and lessons from mistakes and get very specific actions.

Ignore the “just get it done…go out there…blah blah blah” variety.

You want SPECIFICS, steps you can follow daily. A great book and resource is, “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk
You’ve got to move towards your goal everyday – a blog post, a YouTube video, your tweet program or whatever strategy you are employing. The key is do it daily!

Quantify the Results and Make Adjustments:

network marketing successGet committed to a plan of action, a schedule and the specific steps of your strategy, and you WILL get results. Compare and quantify your outcome at the end of each work week. Record or map results, determine and identify your trend. Pay attention to the numbers, optimize best results by doing more of that specific action.

If your actions are not yielding results, go back, ask for clarification on the specifics of your strategy and make adjustments. Network Marketing success systems can evolve but the principles remain the same. You will probably need to do some tweaking and adjustments .

New Trends: Technology and the internet is making a huge impact on how to play this numbers game. Network marketing success has seen a faster and accelerated pace in due to interfaces like YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, Blogging and Twitter campaigns. You’ve got to learn how to use social media.


This is a business that requires you put in the ‘work’ back in network marketing, build momentum and create your own network marketing success story. There is room at the top for those committed to work at achieving direct sales or network marketing success.

Network marketing success is very possible and there are many success stories out there. You too can succeed by applying these  basic three steps and it is the foolproof, easy way to financial freedom today in this industry. Sometimes when we complicate things, we make it harder on ourselves.

Final Thoughts:

Network Marketers have the same problem – LEADS. People to sign-up or talk to. Learn Internet and Online Marketing using a Proven system  and from Successful Leaders and NEVER run out of people to sponsor and recruit. That’s the easy and simple way to build a successful business.

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Author: A Danesi

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  3. Jack Bendahan

    Your compliment about duplication and consistency is so pivotal in this industry. At first I did not know what they meant by duplication but it totally makes sense. Cause it would be impossible to really create success without a duplicate system in place. Thanks for the article.

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